1. Main Responsibilities

(a) Registration, Appointment and Referrals making, Bill Collection

2. Supporting Role

(b) Kiosk Assistance, Temperature-Screener, Body mass index (BMI)/Blood Pressure (BP) Measurement


3. Administrative role:

(a) Pre-Video Consultation Day

i. Book appointment into Video Consultation resource, according to timing as communicated to patient by the Care Coordinator.

ii. Send SMS to patient via ReplyX to inform patient of the Zoom Meeting ID and Meeting Passcode.

(b) Actual Video Consultation Day

i. Before Video Consultation a. Map attending doctor/s into the correct resource. b. Bulk actualize the Video Consultation appointments using SRK Web Admin.

ii. After Video Consultation a. Reschedule patient who defaults or is uncontactable to the following day. b. If patient continues to default or remains uncontactable, PSA will not book another Video Consultation appointment. Patient will stick to the original face-to-face consultation.

4. Facilitator role: Actual Video Consultation Day

(a) Preparation leading to Video Consultation: Set up Zoom Meeting, which includes: i. Logging in to designated Zoom account; ii. Creating Breakout Rooms which would be used for purpose of Consultation; iii. Renaming Breakout Rooms according to patient’s Queue Number on ePOS. iv. Admitting and making doctor/s co-host to allow doctor/s to move between Breakout Rooms; v. Assigning doctor/s into “Admin Room” so that PSA can brief patient in the Main Meeting Room without interference.

(b) Call up patients who have been flagged by doctors for poor blood test results, and inform them not to attend the Video Consultation. Also, to inform these patients to stick to original TCU appointment.

(c) Call patient as a reminder to log in to Zoom nearer to the Video Consultation appointment time.

(d) Briefing to patient before Video Consultation: i. Provide technical support, where required; ii. Perform patient identifiers to ensure right patient has signed in; iii. Brief patient about the Video Consultation process; iv. Introduce the Medication Delivery service; and v. Promote the use of HealthHub to view blood tests results.

(e) Assign patient into Breakout Room once the briefing is completed, and instruct patient to click “Join”.

(f) Input “patient is ready” into Patient Preference, to indicate to doctor/s that patient is ready to be seen.

Completing the Video Consultation

(a) Arranging for home med delivery i. Verify Mailing Address ii. Arrange for home delivery time slot

(b) Arranging for the next appointment i. Schedule patient’s appointment according to e-order/s ii. Mail itinerary to patient/SMS follow-up appointment details


– working hours: 5.5 day work week 8am to 5pm



– ITE graduates with prior experience

– Polytechnic graduates

– Interest and knowledge in Infotechnology, including familiarity with the use of Zoom and other similar video conferencing platforms will be required.

– Prior Healthcare experience will be an advantage.